Two ways to do this. The EASIEST is saving the picture and clicking the ‘+ Upload photo’ button once you’re ready to use it. However, I know that a lot of you don’t like to use up your computer’s hard drive so here’s another also very easy way, which ONLY works with Tumblr pictures.

  1. Copy and paste the picture into the post.
  2. Click on HTML so a new window pops up.
  3. The link to the picture will be there. It may look like this (with a number in front of it):
  4. If it does not, just click update and feel free to post. The grey box won’t show up. HOWEVER, if it DOES have the number, erase it.
  5. The link should now look like this:
  6. Click UPDATE; the box should close. If it doesn’t, close it yourself.
  7. Post. Rather than your perfect gif/photo looking like this,
    It should look like this:

For a long time I’ve been trying to figure that shit out 

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